Welcome to Pirtle Nursery, Inc!

Since 1912, we strive to grow the highest quality trees for the home gardener, landscape contractor, retail chain merchants, independent growers and brokers alike. We are one of the largest family operated nurseries in the southeast. We take pride in providing excellent quality to our customers. We grow fruit, shade, flowering/ornamental trees as well as assorted berries, nuts, shrubs and evergreens in hundreds of varieties and sizes in 3, 5, 7 and 15 gallon containers. As a wholesale only nursery, we do not sell directly to the public but you can find our products throughout the United States in leading chain merchants and garden centers. We produce our own crops on our 400 acre farm in middle Tennessee, the nursery capitol of the world.

It is our wish that this website provide you with the latest and most up to date information to help you create and enjoy your landscapes and orchard for years to come.

Retail and Wholesale customers will find useful information and tools that can help you in meeting the needs of your customers, such as planting/watering instructions, zone map, chill hours, pollination charts, etc.

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